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Philips has issued a recall/notification that updates the company’s previous 2012 and 2013 notifications regarding the HeartStart FRx, HeartStart Home, and HeartStart OnSite Automated External Defibrillator (AED) devices manufactured between 2002 and 2012.

Other Helpful Resources:

  • Please reference the FAQs page for additional questions regarding the recall, here.
  • Instructional video available, here.

Here's What to do Next:

1.) Check the serial numbers listed below against the Philips AED device you have.

2.) If there is a match, you will see the corresponding rebate amount you are entitled to as a trade-in credit on a new AED.

Affected Philips AEDs

AED Year OnSite AED Affected Serial Numbers OnSite AED Rebate/Warranty for Customers Trading in Onsite AEDs  FRx Affected Serial Numbers  FRx Rebate/Warranty for Customers Trading FRx AEDs
2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 Check with SOS Technologies Customer Service to determine if serial # is affected  $50 Check with SOS Technologies to determine if serial # is affected  $75
 2006 A06A, A06B, A06C, A06D, A06E, A06F, A06G, A06H, A06I, A06J, A06K, A06L  $50 B06A, B06B, B06C, B06D, B06E, B06F, B06G, B06H, B06I, B06J, B06K, B06L  $75
 2007 A07A, A07B, A07C, A07D, A07E, A07F, A07G, A07H, A07I, A07J, A07K, A07L  $50 B07A, B07B, B07C, B07D, B07E, B07F, B07G, B07H, B07I, B07J, B07K, B07L  $75
 2008 A08A, A08B, A08C, A08D, A08E, A08F, A08G, A08H, A08I, A08J, A08K, A08L  $125 B08A, B08B, B08C, B08D, B08E, B08F, B08G, B08H, B08I, B08J, B08K, B08L  $175
 2009 A09A, A09B, A09C, A09D, A09E, A09F, A09G, A09H, A09I, A09J, A09K, A09L  $325 B09A, B09B, B09C, B09D, B09E, B09F, B09G, B09H, B09I, B09J, B09K, B09L  $450
 2010 A10A, A10B, A10C, A10D, A10E, A10F, A10G, A10H, A10I, A10J, A10K, A10L  $475 B10A, B10B, B10C, B10D, B10E, B10F, B10G, B10H, B10I, B10J, B10K, B10L  $625
 2011, 8 year warrant for A11L & B11L only A11A, A11B, A11C, A11D, A11E, A11F, A11G, A11H, A11I, A11J, A11K, A11L*  $475 B11A, B11B, B11C, B11D, B11E, B11F, B11G, B11H, B11I, B11J, B11K, B11L*  $625
 2012, 8 year warranty A12A, A12B, A12C, A12D, A12E, A12F, A12G, A12H, A12I, A12J, A12K, A12L  $475 B12A, B12B, B12C, B12D, B12E, B12F, B12G, B12H, B12I, B12J, B12K, B12L  $625
 2013, 8 year warranty A13A, A13B  $475  B13A, B13B  $625
In the interim, please note that AED’s subject to this recall do not need to be removed from service due to the extremely low probability of a problem occurring.

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Q: Do I need to replace my AED?

A: No, it is not required to replace affected AEDs because when used in accordance with Instructions for Use and other labeling, including this recall/notification, the HS1/OnSite/Home, and FRx devices are effective and safe to use.

To request a trade-in rebate, or to obtain additional information, contact a SOS Technologies representative at 1-888-705-6100.

Q: Are the AEDs under this recall safe to use?

A: Yes. The devices may continue to be used. Affected AEDs are not recommended to be removed from service. If an AED has ever emitted or begins to emit a pattern of triple chirps, call Philips customer service at 1-800-263-3342 in the United States or contact your local Philips representative. Visit www.philips.com/aedaudiblechirps to hear an example.

Q: Are the affected AEDs being removed from service?

A: No. The devices may continue to be used. Affected AEDs are not recommended to be removed from service. If an AED has ever emitted or begins to emit a pattern of triple chirps, please call Philips customer service.

AED Maintenance Video

Q: How do I find the serial number on my AED?

A: Your serial number can be found on the back of your device next to the battery well. The serial number for HeartStart HS1, HeartStart Onsite and HeartStart Home starts with the letter “A”, followed by 8 numbers and letters. It will be formatted like this: A0XX-XXXXX. The serial number for the HeartStart FRx starts with the letter “B”, followed by 8 numbers and letters. It will be formatted like this: B0XX-XXXXX.

Q: Is my device affected?

A: If you received a recall/notification letter from Philips, our records indicate you possess an affected device. If you wish to confirm whether your device is affected and therefore potentially eligible for one of the warranty replacement or trade-in programs, please call SOS Technologies customer service at 1-888-705-6100.

Q: Should customers be concerned about this advisory affecting other FRx or HS1 units?

A: This advisory affects only certain FRx models and certain HS1/OnSite/Home models manufactured between 2002 and early 2013.

Q: How is this notice different from the notice I received before?

A: This recall/notification is an updated version of a notice originally sent to customers beginning in 2012. As part of the 2018 notice and as a courtesy to customers, those owning affected devices currently under warranty may optionally choose to replace their AED with a warranty-exchange AED at no cost. Customers owning devices that are out of warranty are being offered a trade-in rebate to purchase a new HS1 or FRx AED. In the USA, rebates range from $50 to $625 depending on the age of the affected device.

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