Philips M5071A HeartStart OnSite SMART Adult Replacement Cartridge Electrode Pads

Item Number: M5071A


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Made for sudden cardiac arrest victims weighing 55 lbs or more, the HeartStart Adult SMART Pads Cartridge is a true lifeline. Once applied to the victim, the two Philips AED pads allow you, the lay responder, to monitor the electrical activity of the heart and send a defibrillating charge directly to them from a Philips OnSite AED.

What’s the shelf life of these Philips AED Pads?
The pads typically have an expiration date of 2 years after purchase, at which time they should be promptly replaced. Check the “use before” date on the pads as well.

What if the pads won’t stay on after I’ve applied them to the skin?
First, make sure you’re following the pad placement instructions from your Philips AED. Assuming the pads have been applied to the right place, there may be other conditions causing problems with that particular set of pads, such as humidity. So swap out those pads with a back-up set you have on hand. For this reason, you should buy an extra set of Philips HeartStart pads. 

If I use our SMART Pads to save a life, can I use them again if necessary?
No. You should only use your Philips AED pads one time, then replace them after use.

Can I use these same model SMART Pads on children?
No, we recommend that you purchase the Philips AED pads that are specially made for children, our Infant/Child SMART Pads Cartridge.


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