Even before fire departments and EMS personnel, law enforcement can frequently be the very first of those first responders to arrive on the scene. If they get there without a readily available AED, it could be the next tragedy waiting to happen. That’s why we’re changing those odds for good with the SOS Lifesaving Bundle for Law Enforcement.

Concerned about durability during high-speed transport? Don’t be. The Bundle’s Philips FRx Defibrillator comes equipped with a hard shell carrying case that can stand up to anything the environment can throw its way, including water. Long-life batteries and SMART Pads also come standard, helping to ensure you won’t be slowed down anytime soon due to re-charging issues.

Take the First Step: Law Enforcement Bundle

Get a complete law enforcement package that includes a Philips FRx Defibrillator, Carrying Case (Plastic Waterproof Shell), Long-Life Battery, FRx Infant/Child Key, SMART Pads II (2 Sets), and a CPR Responder KIT.
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In addition, new recruits to your force – along with veteran officers – will benefit from the training our safety consultants at SOS can provide. As an authorized training center of the American Heart Association, we can come to your department and supply you with the essential education on how to operate an AED and administer CPR.

Discover the most seamless way to serve and protect those experiencing sudden cardiac arrest. It’s A Matter Of Life And Life.

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