First responders on the scene like you have seconds to act and even less time than that to look for the proper EMS supplies. At SOS, we’ve thought of that very situation so you don’t have to. That’s why we designed the SOS Lifesaving Bundle for Fire/EMS with you in mind.

Lightweight and easy to carry for emergency response teams in all kinds of environments, the Lifesaving Bundle features the Philips HeartStart FRx, one of the most reliable portable defibrillators to use in the event of sudden cardiac arrest. Follow that up with a full complement of pads, batteries and even a waterproof carrying case and you’ll soon understand why EMS personnel trust the safety consultants at SOS for all their supplies. Every time.

Take the First Step: Professional Responder Bundle

Professional Responder Package
With the Professional Responder package, get the HeartStart FR3 ECG Defibrillator, FR3 System Case (Rigid), FR3 Primary Battery, FR3 Infant/Child Key, SMART Pads III (2 sets) and FR3 CPR Responder KIT.
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Even teams of EMS personnel and fire departments can stand to be brought up to speed on the latest techniques for saving a life. That’s where SOS can also be your best resource, providing units with safety consultants who can educate your team in no time on our newest AED devices to operate and refresher courses on how to administer CPR for those who need it – from your newest team members to your most seasoned veterans.

For the last 40 years and for every minute to come that counts for EMS.
It’s A Matter Of Life And Life.

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