Whether it’s an elementary school or a university, there are hundreds and even thousands of ways that sudden cardiac arrest can strike – in faculty, staff workers, students, visiting parents and teams from other schools.

It makes school safety a constant concern from the classroom to recreational areas and everywhere in between. So take the best step possible to prepare your school for life saving situations with the specially designed SOS Lifesaving Bundle for Schools.

Featuring a Philips FRx, the ideal portable defibrillator for schools, the SOS School Safety Bundle also comes equipped with a long-life battery for the device, SMART Pads, a CPR Responder Kit and more.

Take the First Step: Education Bundle

Be prepared with the all-inclusive Education package that includes a Philips FRx Defibrillator, Carrying Case (Standard), Long-Life Battery, Smart Pads II, FRx Infant/Child Key, CPR Responder KIT, HeartStation Trim Line Series Wall Cabinet, AED Wall Sign, AED Awareness Sticker and a AED Status Check Tag.
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Of course, beyond connecting your school with the best equipment, SOS also has the training that all kind of school personnel, students and more can benefit from, thanks to the expert instruction from our safety consultants. For more than 40 years, we’ve been the go-to resource that institutions like yours can count on when it comes to learning how to operate an AED and administer CPR.

Let’s make sure that when it comes to preserving better outcomes on your school campus…It’s A Matter Of Life And Life.

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