You just discovered a co-worker in the break room unconscious and all signs point to them being in sudden cardiac arrest. After you have someone call 9-1-1, there’s no time to look here, there and everywhere for an AED and other accessories. It’s got to be all in one place, fully charged and ready to save a life.

That’s what the SOS Lifesaving Bundle for Business is there for. Equipped with a Philips OnSite AED, batteries, pads and more, it’s got everything the new first responder like you needs when you have zero time to spare.

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SOS Business Package
Get the all-in-one business package including Philips OnSite Defibrillator, Standard Carrying Case, Long-Life Battery, Adult Smart Pads Cartridge, CPR Responder KIT, HeartStation Trim Line Series Wall Cabinet w/alarm, AED Wall Sign, Awareness Sticker and Status Check Tag.
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In addition to the best safety equipment, SOS has the very best team of safety consultants to provide your employees with the in-depth training on how to operate an AED and administer CPR. Up to 10 employees at a time can be trained by SOS in 3 hours or less, making it one of the more worthwhile investments of company time possible. There may never be a perfect window to assemble a group for dedicated learning but consider how much better you’ll feel knowing that you’ve done everything it takes to put your company in a position to save a life. It’s just not something you afford to put off.

Make safety your business every day. For sudden cardiac arrest. For stroke. For life.

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