Any time you have a collection of people working in close proximity to one another using everything from pencils to forklifts, mishaps are bound to occur. Even with the best planning. The question is, when accidents happen, do your people know how to:

  • Assess an injury
  • Treat a burn
  • Control a bleeding wound
  • Bandage an area
  • Make a splint
  • Address shock and poison emergencies

Yes, you’ll likely have to take the injured employee to get medical care for their wounds. But even before that, you’ll need to provide a fully competent level of first aid to temporarily address the injury.

Fortunately, there’s a special group of people who know how to act even before you have to take an injured employee to the Emergency Room. They’re called the members of your team who have taken the SOS Technologies First Aid course. In less than half a workday, up to 12 employees at a time can learn how to assess the victim and take the appropriate medical response. In return for their successful participation, they’ll receive a certificate of completion.

Your next hero could come from everywhere. And that’s a great feeling for your culture to have.

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