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While all of the Automated External Defibrillator systems offered by SOS Technologies are noted for durability and reliability, they may occasionally need replacement parts due to extensive use, age, or even accidental loss. It’s for this reason that, as a complete  AED supplier, SOS Technologies carries all of the equipment needed to keep each AED system it offers in peak condition, including AED pads, AED batteries, and other AED accessories. Since many AED systems that are no longer in production are still used by many emergency medical providers, SOS Technologies also offers AED accessories and components that are designed to work with older units!

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AED Pads

Automated External Defibrillator pads are the conductive surfaces that come in direct contact with the patient and, because of this, they’re an essential part of every AED kit. The latest generation of AED pads are often far more than simple systems for delivering an electrical charge, however, as SMART Pads like those that are used on many of the Philips HeartStart AED systems available at SOS Technologies are designed to sense the condition of a patient and adjust the shock accordingly. There are even SMART Pad options that are precisely crafted for use with children.

AED Batteries

Two of the primary advantages of modern Automated External Defibrillator systems is that they’re portable and can be stored away from electrical outlets. This means that they always need to have a working battery. AEDs available from SOS Technologies are built for extreme conditions, heavy use, and years of storage, they do occasionally need to be replaced. Not only does SOS Technologies offer the AED batteries that were designed for each of the AED models it sells, but it also carries aviation-certified and rechargeable batteries when appropriate for a specific unit.

AED Accessories

Since they’re intended to be portable, Automated External Defibrillator sets are designed to work in a number of either indoor or field conditions and with a minimum of additional equipment, however their flexibility can often be enhanced by a broad range of accessories. From shock and water-resistant carrying cases to easily accessed wall cabinets, including those with emergency lighting and charging systems, the category of AED accessories includes anything that is used to preserve or operate AED systems. It even includes training systems and signage that can help ensure that every AED system is used properly.

For More on AED Pads, Batteries, and Accessories, Contact SOS Technologies Directly

While many of the Automated External Defibrillator systems available at SOS Technologies were created for health care professionals, there are also models that were specifically designed for use by non-professionals in settings that include homes, schools, and the workplace. Because of this, some AED operators may be unsure of which AED pads, batteries, or accessories are compatible with their specific model. To guarantee that they purchase replacement parts and other equipment that works with their AED model, they’re invited to contact SOS Technologies directly at info@sos4safety.com or 888.705.6100.

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