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Providing Medical Supplies & Training for Over 40 Years. Make SOS Your Partner For Life.


We can never predict exactly when emergencies in the workplace are going to happen. But if there’s one element we can control, it’s the ability to have superior emergency medical equipment, supplies and training in place.

At SOS, this perspective has driven our higher purpose for over 40 years. We know that when all the elements of safety align in one environment, we’re transforming people into the very best first responders they can be when the moment counts. Whether they’re stocking office areas with AEDs, performing CPR or reaching into a cabinet with the full complement of first aid supplies.

Of course, we know that replenishing emergency equipment and staying on top of safety supply levels probably isn’t your main job responsibility. Fortunately, it’s always top-of-mind with us at SOS. So in addition to our unsurpassed quality, you’ll find SOS to be an outstanding partner for keeping your environment updated. From AED batteries to bandages, you can act with confidence that you have what you need, when you need it at full strength to provide exceptional aid in an emergency situation.

It’s more than being a supplier. It’s about changing the odds for the better in as many emergencies as we can, with your environment very much included.

Let’s get started.